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WeFoster started as a way for four friends to do what they love most – to build awesome community solutions powered by WordPress. Our shared bond was a passion for social networks & membership communities and their ability to boost and promote non-profits, causes, academic communities, and businesses.


We’ve turned our vision into a platform that offers a turn-key solution for those who manage a community powered by WordPress. Our WeFoster Platform provides lightning fast webhosting, rock-solid security, expert support and a full range of community building resources to customers across the globe.Our thriving community of site owners and developers all share a common goal; Building Better Communities with WordPress.
Our team includes WordPress and BuddyPress contributors, code architects, web design innovators, user interface tweakers, community builders, support gurus, writers and dreamers.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about community software and its power to bring people together. Community interaction and social networking is what originally caused internet usage to explode and why it continues to grow.Many people have a vision of their organization, business, school, non-profit, or craft/hobby community as open, growing, and thriving online. However, not all community builders are technically minded or able to build their own software or maintain a full development department. This is why we strive to provide the best tools and services to help foster and grow custom online communities powered by WordPress.
WeFoster wants you to own your own social corner of the web, not owned by Facebook, Twitter, or any of the big data silos, but a community that you tailor to suit your members’ needs.
Community is what makes the world a smaller place, what gives the internet its humanity. It’s what connects us all. Our goal is to curate, create and connect the best tools with those who strive to foster meaningful connections and relationships on the web.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Often customers come to us because they are struggling with bad performance, clueless support reps and lack of guidance/knowledge from their current (managed) host. What makes WeFoster unique is that we focus exclusively on community building and we’ve optimised our entire infrastructure for scalable, secure and performant WordPress community hosting.Besides technology we strongly believe in providing real value to our customers and WeFoster community members by fostering our own community of site owners and developers.

Meet The Team

Marion Gooding

CEO & Co-Founder

Bowe Frankema

CTO & Co-Founder

Piotr Bak

Head of Support


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If you’re thinking about launching your dream community you can get started right away. If you already have a community elsewhere and would like to benefit from everything our platform has to offer you’d be happy to know our team is here to migrate your community to our platform for free. We’re here to make your community a success!Start building your community on the WeFoster Platform today!