The WordPress SEO plugin from Yoast is pretty much the only SEO solution you need for your WordPress site. It has become a default plugin in all my WordPress and BuddyPress projects. The only issue is that the plugin hooks into the common wp_title template tag to rewrite your site URLs to a custom title (that you specify from the WordPress SEO settings). BuddyPress does not use this tag, and thus the URL rewriting does not work. Below is a quick snippet that will fix this problem for you.

Find the following code in header.php of your Child Theme (around line 9):

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[php]<title><?php bp_page_title() ?></title>[/php]

And replace it with the following snippet:

[php] <?php if(!bp_is_blog_page()){ ?>
<title><?php bp_page_title() ?></title>
<?php } else { ?>
<title><?php wp_title(”) ?></title>
<?php } ?>

WordPress SEO is now working as it should. Enjoy!

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