Managed Hosting
For Your WordPress Community

Get world-class performance, rock-solid security, and expert support for your Social Network, Membership Site, Learning Management System, or any community in between.

The WeFoster Platform
Everything Your WordPress Community Needs To Blast Off

Thanks to our CommunityCaching technology, communities hosted on the WeFoster Platform are on average up to 6x faster than when hosted on a traditional webhost.
WeFoster lets you relax and focus on building your community, whilst our experts take care of protecting your site from hackers and other security threats.
Our next-generation container technology can even handle the biggest traffic spikes. With no limit on pageviews and our grow-as-you-go pricing plans you’ll never be punished for making your community a success.
WeFoster is also a free network of community site experts, builders, managers and enthusiasts. Get inspired, get answers, get connected and grow your community.

Your Community, Google Speeds.

Every millisecond matters – especially for social networks and community sites.
WeFoster is built on the same infrastructure that allows Google to return billions of search results in milliseconds, serve 6 billion hours of YouTube video per month and provide storage for 425 million Gmail users.


Peace of mind

We Keep Your Community Safe

We believe in providing total peace of mind for you as a community owner, which means always being prepared for the worst. Daily backups, pro-active security monitoring, free SSL certificates and one-click staging environments are just some of the features included with every plan.

Free Site Migrations

Moving your community to a new place is stressful and should be seamless. Our team is here to take care of everything for you.

Free SSL Certificates

Fast SEO-friendly pages delivered over a secured encrypted connection.

One Click Staging

Safely experiment with new features without breaking your site.

Rock Solid Security

We actively monitor and protect your community from attacks.

Managed Updates

We manage important WordPress security updates for you.

Grow As You Go

Hosting that fits perfectly. No hard limits on page views or visitors.

Slow speeds kill good communities.

Extreme Performance

We use state-of-the-art technology like PHP7, Nginx, Redis, Memcached and MariaDB to guarantee excellent performance for your users. This makes our platform up to 10x as fast as regular and even managed WordPress hosts.

Your WordPress Community gets its own dedicated isolated container engineered from the ground up for serving highly dynamic content to your members

Wondering why your community is so slow, even though your current WordPress host offers caching? It’s because highly dynamic content for logged-in users is a huge technical challenge that requires additional resources and configuration that regular WordPress hosts simply don’t offer.

On the WeFoster Platform every community gets its own dedicated environment, optimized specifically for community sites and housed on the Google Cloud Platform. Not only does this maximize security but it also means your community can fully utilize the available resources and optimization to keep things running fast.

Next Gen Container Tech

Cloud Containers with PHP7, Nginx, Redis/Memcached & MariaDB guarantee excellent performance.


Page & Object Caching for Near-Instant Load Times for visitor & logged-in members.

Free CDN

We utilize the CloudFlare global network with 102 data centers around the world that speed up your community.

HTTP/2 Protocol

Fast SEO-friendly web pages served over the new HTTP/2 protocol.

Say hello to your Community Dashboard

It’s our mission at WeFoster to help you build a successful and secure community

Your My WeFoster Community dashboard has everything you need to grow and manage your community:
  • Automated daily security scans for your plugins and themes.
  • Insights related to your community growth and user engagement.
  • An ever-growing set of tools to manage, secure and grow your community.
Additionally, it provides a Developer Suite to help you quickly write code, manage your database or create/restore a backup point.

Free Migrations

Moving your existing WordPress community to the WeFoster platform is quick and easy thanks to our platform migration wizard. And if you happen to get stuck our migration team is available to help you.

Choose Your Plan

From small communities to the next Facebook, we have a plan for any community size.

Migrate Your Community

Quickly copy your entire community to a temporary domain on the WeFoster Platform with our easy startup wizard.

Move Your Domain

Once you are 100% happy with your new blazing fast site you can follow the guide to point your domain to your new home on WeFoster, or ask our experts do it for you

Build better communities together

Launching a successful community is hard work and there are many challenges along the way. Sometimes those challenges are technical, other times you just want feedback or advice on that new feature you want to add to your community.

On WeFoster we bring together WordPress site owners, developers, and community experts who use WordPress to power their communities and provide them with everything they need to stay on top of their game.

The WeFoster Community Hub is the place to find exclusive resources, in-depth tutorials, site showcases and Q&As sessions all centered around one common subject; Building Better WordPress Communities.

As the best thing of all? It’s included in every WeFoster plan.

"Unlike my previous webhost, the WeFoster Team was there to help me resolve the performance issues that plagued my community. Ever since making the switch to the WeFoster Platform my community has stabilised and my sales and community engagement reflect that."
Ryan Kimm
"WeFoster is a one stop platform, offering hosting, development and a community all in one; far better for unleashing creativity and solving problems. "
Jennifer Morgan
"At my old host my BuddyPress site would take an age to load, which I always put down to the dynamic nature of the site and the amount of photos my members liked to share on a daily basis. I decided to move to the WeFoster Platform and the difference is night and day. I don't need to worry about the performance or stability of my site anymore."
Rob Funge