WeFoster CommunityCare

Instant access to our team of expert WordPress developers to help you with development, design and troubleshooting tasks.

What is CommunityCare?

CommunityCare lets community owners and managers request small development, design and troubleshooting tasks for their communities hosted on the WeFoster Platform.

You submit a task

You tell us exactly what type of work you’d like to get done by filling in a task request form inside your Customer Dashboard.

We analyse the task

You receive a response from our community expert letting you know how long your task will require to complete.

you give the go ahead

If you’re happy with the task analysis all you need to do is press a button and your job is added to our queue of awesome things to do.

We complete the task

Our expert starts working and keeps you updated about the status of your task until it is completed.

The CommunityCare Difference

A one-stop solution where you submit a task and our in-house team of WordPress experts gets it done. It’s a simple as that.

The Job Inbox

As soon as you submit your work request our Community Care Team will start matching you up with the perfect developer on our team. You can directly talk to our Community Care team during the duration of the job and provide us with feedback as you see fit. Once the job is completed it gets archived for your own reference so you’ll be able to keep track of all the work our team has done on our community.

What Makes CommunityCare Great

Fast & Affordable
We work in an environment we know inside out so we can complete common tasks quickly and efficiently. You won’t have to waste time in extra communication to wait for a new developer to get up to speed. We’re already on it.

Secure Development
By enforcing standard practices across our development team we insure the quality of work delivered. Don’t worry about sharing your sensitive login details. Our development team can work on your tasks using a one-time login solution only available to our team.

Work & Payment Transparency
We make it easy for you to track requests, approvals and work completed in your Job Inbox portal.

Transparent Pricing
You will always know the costs before you approve the project so you don’t end up with ballooning expenses.

The first and only solution built for hosting and managing BuddyPress communities.

Plugin Installation

Installation and configuration of WordPress plugins.

Design Work

Design updates to your theme templates or CSS styling.

Managed Updates

We update the plugin and themes on your site and verify that things don’t break.


Our community building experts help you make the right decisions.

Content Management

Update the content or design of posts, pages or areas of your community.

Email Configuration

Setting up your email configuration i.e [email protected]

Advanced Debugging

Resolving CSS/Javascript issues caused by 3rd party plugins/themes.

Performance Tweaks

A custom front-end performance configuration unique to your site.

Task Limitations

Our Community Care team does not provide full development services like the examples listed on the right.
What falls outside CommunityCare
  • A Full Website Redesign
  • Custom Plugin/Theme Development
  • Search Marketing & SEO services
  • Any task that exceeds 3 hours to complete

Have a bigger project?

We’re happy to provide you with a custom development estimate for your larger design and development projects.
>> Get in touch!

get tasks done for free

We reward you for being a loyal customer and helping others in our community thanks to our simple points system.

How to get points

  • Loyalty: Our higher plan subscribers automatically receive WeFoster Points every month.
  • Contributions: Earn Points contributing to the WeFoster community by answering forum questions, submitting articles, and more!
  • Direct Purchase: Points can be purchased in bundles to help you get started on your project no matter what your plan or experience level.

How points relate to time & value

One Point is purchased for one dollar.
Tasks are quoted in blocks of 15 points.
A task that requires 30 minutes to complete will require 30 points.
Consultation requests are estimated at two points per minute.
Questions? See the examples below or jump to our FAQ

Example - Design Changes

Jennifer has received feedback from many of her community members that the text on her website is hard to read. She wants someone to make changes to her theme to bump up the font size and increase the contrast across her site.

Our Solution

Laurens – one of our in-house designers – does a quick code review of Jennifer’s theme and tells her that he needs 45 minutes to change the font size across her community. Jennifer is happy with this estimate, gives the go-ahead, and 45 Points are deducted from Jennifer’s Points balance. Laurens changes the font size and contrast, making the site easier to read. Jennifer’s members now spend more time interacting with each other.

Example - Consulting Services

Frank has just launched a community for retro video gamers but is hitting a roadblock trying to choose the right features for his community. He’d like to talk to a community expert that can help him make the right decisions before moving forward to the next phase of his master plan. Frank has saved up 60 Points that he earned by contributing articles to the WeFoster Community.

Our Solution

Our community manager Bowe offers Frank a 30-minute consultancy session via Skype where they go over his notes one by one and make a plan of attack. They schedule a time via our built-in Job Discussion tool and 60 Points are deducted from Frank’s account. After the consultation is complete, Frank has a clear vision of how to move his community forward and grow his user base.

Since Frank earned points contributing to WeFoster he ends up getting the consultancy session for free!

Example - Configuration Assistance

Sarah wants to use a custom email address for her domain, but does not now how to set this up. She has read the detailed email recommendation guide on the WeFoster Knowledgebase but simply is not comfortable with making all those changes. So she sends a support ticket to WeFoster asking for help.

Our Solution

George – One of our WeFoster experts – offers to help her with her email setup and is so comfortable with the task that he can do this in 15 minutes. Sarah gives the go ahead and 15 Points are deducted from Sarah’s balance. George completes the work and now Sarah’s custom email address works beautifully.

Because Sarah is a City plan subscriber, she receives 15 free Points every month to handle small tasks like this.

Common Questions

Technical support is included with all our plans as a way to guarantee that your community is fast, secure and available at all times. This is the same type of support you traditionally see at Managed WordPress Hosts. We will never charge you extra for helping you resolve these technical issues and it’s one of the reasons our customers love having their community hosted on our platform.

CommunityCare is a custom on-demand service for tasks that should only take up to a few hours to complete. It’s a way for WeFoster to offer small-scale development, design and troubleshooting assistance for our users’ communities.
Simply open a ticket within your customer dashboard describing what you need done. WeFoster Happiness Engineers will determine whether your request qualifies as a CommunityCare task. If so, you’ll receive a response letting you know how long your task will require to complete, and therefore how many Points are required to initiate the task.

Once a task is initiated, it goes into our CommunityCare queue and is handled by the next available WeFoster Happiness Engineer. During the process you can talk to your developer via the job task discussion page! Once the job is completed we will deduct the points from your account automatically.
CommunityCare is only available to WeFoster Platform subscribers. However, feel free to contact us via our project planning form if you have a development or design task that you need help with. We will provide you with an estimate or hook you up with one of our trusted partners to make sure you have the best solutions for your community site.
Not to worry. If we determine that your custom project will take more than a few hours, we will write you back and let you know. We can have a conversation about what to do next. WeFoster might provide you with a scope and estimate and schedule you for production with a dedicated team. Or we might refer you to a trusted partner developer to move your project forward. No matter what, we’ve got your back.
We always try to make sure to clarify you exact needs and expectations before we start with your task, and in virtually all cases this leads to a happy outcomes.
That being said all our tasks are done in-house by our development team and we can delegate a task to another person of our team if the situation asks for that. In all cases we will not deduct any points until the task is completed to your satisfaction.
CommunityCare does not cover full development services like the examples listed below:

A Full Website Redesign
Custom Plugin/Theme Development
Search Marketing & SEO services
Any task that exceeds 3 hours to complete

We’re happy to provide you with a custom development estimate for your larger design and development projects.
>> Get in touch!
As many as you like, but don’t submit them all at once! You can have up to three active tasks running at the same time to keep things organised and efficient.

Points Explained

WeFoster Points are a virtual currency you can use to pay for your CommunityCare tasks. Instead of charging, invoicing and verifying a payment for every task, we simply let you use WeFoster Points to pay for your CommunityCare requests.

Additionally we want to reward our customers for being part of our platform and it’s community, and a point system is the easiest way to make that happen!

By using a virtual currency we can provide that little bit of extra service and reward our loyal customers without overcomplicating things for our new customers.
  • Loyalty On our higher plans you’ll automatically earn points every month.
  • Contributions Earn points by making valuable contributions to our community.
  • Direct Purchase Through purchasing a points bundle
Simply visit this page to purchasea Points bundle:
Purchase Points
If your project doesn’t consume all of your Points, you can either reserve them to use on another task in the future, or you can use them for priority attention to Slack Channel attention, or to redeem for WeFoster swag.
No. CommunityCare points do not have any cash value and may not be transferred or sold.
No, Points never expire. If your membership level provides you with free monthly points, they roll over each they are not used so you can use them on tasks up to 180 minutes (three hours).
Not exactly. All of our tasks are estimated by the amount of time projected to complete them. For design and development, this operates on a one-to-one basis of minutes to points. Consultation, however, is more specialized and is rated at two points per minute. Specialty rush requests after hours, on weekends, or during holidays will be estimated on a case-by-case basis.

Our team is ready to start working on your community..