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Music With Ryan

Ryan is a musician and small business owner who sells guitar lessons and courses via his own WordPress powered website.

When he gave us a call he’d been dealing with excessive downtime, data loss and severe performance issues on his current host, and he became worried his community foundation was fundamentally broken.

When our team migrated his community to our platform we saw immediate drastic improvements in site performance thanks to our CommunityCaching technology. After a quick code review by our tech team we cleaned up his database and concluded that his community was not broken, it simply needed a better home.

What Ryan says....

"Unlike my previous webhost, the WeFoster Team was there to help me resolve the performance issues that plagued my community. Ever since making the switch to the WeFoster Platform my community has stabilised and my sales and community engagement reflect that."

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Story by Rob Funge, Founder and Owner

The story below was sent to us by Rob, who manages an international community for Seniors. His 10 year old community was running into severe performance and stability issues which our team resolved!

Before I write this review I just want to say that I seldom write them, mainly because I’m too busy, and to be honest online services like hosting never live up to expectations despite all the hype – there’s always a catch, whether that be performance or storage.

Now to be fair to my previous host, KnownHost they were very good – especially with support, but I always felt I was paying too much for their services.

At my old host my BuddyPress site would take an age to load, which I always put down to the dynamic nature of the site and the amount of photos my members liked to share on a daily basis.

So on a whim I Googled to see if anyone was offering specific BuddyPress hosting. To my surprise there was; WeFoster!

Now I don’t know, Bowe Frankema personally but I had heard his named mentioned frequently within the BuddyPress/Wordpress community – If you haven’t seen his ‘Catching Your Great White Buffalo’ video you need to check it out.

Anyway, it turns out that, Bowe is head of migration at WeFoster so when I received an email from him saying that they were migrating my site over to the WeFoster Platform I was confident that I’d made the right decision.

(story continues in the right column)

Although the migration went flawlessly my site still struggled in terms of performance, it was painfully slow. This is where the service provided by Bowe and the WeFoster Team goes way above the norm and why I recommend WeFoster so highly.

Bowe and his team, literally stayed up all night helping to resolve the issue with my site. Now, just to clarify, the issue was down to a corrupt WordPress installation and severe database issues and had absolutely nothing to do with the hosting itself.

A bit of head scratching and a few coffees later my site is faster and more stable than it has ever been before.

Most hosts would have just migrated my site over, and as it was technically working – left it at that. Not so with, Bowe. He wasn’t satisfied with it just working, he wanted to ensure that my site was as fast as possibly could be.Thanks to the awesome work that WeFoster do I don’t need to worry about the performance or stability of my site anymore.

Thanks, Bowe – you guys are the best!

What Jennifer says....

"WeFoster is a one stop solution, offering hosting, development and consultancy services all in one; far better for unleashing creativity and solving problems. Everyone on the Wefoster team is not only competent and able to handle whatever you throw at them -- and we've thrown a whole lot -- they're also a pleasure to work with, bringing competence and humor together in all tasks. I highly recommend the WeFoster platform and their team of community development experts. "

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Deep Time Journey

This learning management portal offers online professional developments courses and academic discussions centered around the Montessori educational approach.

When Jennifer came to us she had plans for expanding her community to offer e-learning courses, but was unsure on how to tackle her specific needs. She also struggled with a slow community because of a high number of resource heavy plugins and sub-optimal custom functionality.

After several consulting sessions with our team, we decided to rebuild the foundation of her community site with our WeFoster Theme Framework, Sensei, WooCommerce & BuddyPress at it’s core.

After a full redesign and a successful launch of the e-learning courses, our Community Care team continues to pro-actively manage, host and develop new functionality for the Deep Time Journey network on an ongoing basis.


Most Non Profits do not have the resources to maintain a full development department to manage their online presence, and with CFCommunity this was no different.

CFCommunity is an online meeting place for people affected by Cystic Fibrosis, a life threatening genetic lung disease. It’s a place where people with CF and parents, siblings and partners can connect with each other.

Our team helped Sarah and her board of volunteers to launch their community using BuddyPress, WordPress Multisite and the GiveWP Donations plugin.

By reaching out to our trusted network of WordPress developers we coordinated the development of a suite of custom functionality plugins that added unique features tailored to the needs of their community, like letting members send physical postcards to each other when in the hospital.

Are you an officially registered non-profit that needs help with building a WordPress community? Apply for our non-profit program and we’ll be happy to help!
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Sarah Smit about

Our small non-profit does not have the budget to hire a developer to take care of all the technical things related to running a social network. WeFoster helps us with keeping our community safe, speedy and up to date which allows us to focus on community management! "Studies have shown that it’s dangerous for people with Cystic Fibrosis to hang out in real life. We only have the internet to connect. Kids growing up with Cystic Fibrosis these days never even come into contact with each other. This is why CFCommunity can have a huge impact on kids growing up with Cystic Fibrosis. This is what motivated us to create the community. Every person on our team has CF themselves and we know first hand how important it is to talk about life with CF with people that truly understand. "