Frequently Asked Questions

We only have one goal; Providing a turn-key solution for those who manage a community powered by WordPress. We call WeFoster a “WordPress Community Platform” because it’s so much more then just hosting. Yes, our entire infastructure is 110% optimised for WordPress communities but we also add security, maintenance, expert support, and a WordPress Community Builders HUB to the mix!

Most community owners are not technically minded or even interested in managing a traditional web hosting setup. We’ve seen so many of our clients gets frustrated by their regular webhosts because of a slow site, clueless support reps and never-ending performance issues that can only be resolved by buying that monthly hosting upgrade.

We’ve also seen many great community ideas never take off because of their owners getting lost during the way. Our thriving community of site owners and developers all share a common goal: Building Better Communities with WordPress. We’re here to make your community a success and that goes far beyond just hosting.
Our team is here to take care of everything for you. If you already have an active and vibrant community don’t worry about downtime or a broken site, you can access and test your migrated community via a temporary domain on our platform, until you are 100% satisfied. Our site migrations are safe, secure and hassle free. During the migration process there are multiple stages where you can test and verify that everything is perfect before you start sending your visitors to your new home on the WeFoster Platform. If you are an experienced developer we also have detailed guides available to do the migration yourself!
Certainly. You don’t need a different or new domain to have faster hosting. Our experts will help you make the required changes to your domain configuration free of charge. Additionally we also provide a full guide on how to do this process yourself if you’re comfortable with managing DNS settings.
Nope, you can launch a brand new, fresh community within 30 seconds! It’s totally up to you when you want to start using your own domain. Once you sign up for the WeFoster Platform you’re given a preview site where you can build your community for as long as you like. Then, when you’re ready, you can register your custom domain and use our control panel to set that as the home of your new community.
For maximum performance and security, we limit each plan to one WordPress/BuddyPress installation. We do provide full support for WordPress Multisite on our Town, City & Metropolis plans, which means you can host as many sites and domains as you like within a single WordPress network.
This is entirely possible and supported for Agency and Developer partners. As a partner you can easily deploy new installations and manage them for your clients via one dashboard. Send us an email and we’re happy to talk to you about the possibilities!
Your community on the WeFoster Platform consists of your content and your own domain, which will always belong to you! You can easily export your entire community at any point using a WordPress migration plugin of your choice. That’s the power of owning your data and open source!

Of course, the WeFoster Platform is the only managed solution for WordPress communities, and we’re confident we’re the perfect fit for anyone who wants to have a successful online community on a high performant, secure and managed platform.
Because of the additional resources and complexity we do not support Multisite on our Village plan. Our Town, City, Metropolis and Custom Plans fully support Multisite!
We get this question a lot because traditional web hosts make this a big selling point and try to get you to upgrade your entire hosting plan as soon as you hit bandwidth or space limits.

We don’t set hard limits on disk space, bandwidth or visitor usage, because our platform is flexible enough to grow and adapt to your specific needs. We simply want you to focus on building your community and in the vast majority of all cases you’ll never have to worry about these things.

We apply a virtual bandwidth limit on all our plans. You can see the usage stats at any point via your dashboard. If you continuously go over month after month then we’ll reach out and ask you to upgrade your plan or purchase a montly bandwidth upgrade!

If your community relies heavily on offering large (members-only) downloads like videos, music or other media files, our tech team will advise you how to store these files easily via cloud storage technology like Amazon S3 or on our platform via a pay-what-you-use space add-on.
It’s helpful, but not required! You can launch a new community simply by signing up for a free trial and going through our Platform Wizard that you’ll see the first time you login to your new community.

If you already know WordPress you’ll be right at home and you can benefit from our platform specific features built right into the WordPress administration area you know best!
We offer a suite of tools for developers geared towards managing, developing and deploying your communities for your client. To learn more about WP-CLI, GIT, PHP versions and more, see our Developer Features
We are extremely confident in the security of our platform, but that does not protect you from human errors, like you – or a community admin – forgetting to logout from a public computer, or logging in from an unsecured WIFI network.

As a community site owner we advise you to take security seriously. Strong passwords, two-factor verification, and enforcing the same rules for your fellow community admins is always a good idea.

In case the worst happens you should be happy to know we make daily backups of your entire community and we can revert your site easily to two weeks back in time.

No. Our WordPress experts will provide you with technical support only.

This means we help you resolve community breaking issues and other problems that might occur on your specific community setup.

That being said for general support and community building advice you can still access the WeFoster community where fellow site owners and developers help out each other on a voluntary basis. Our support team is also using our community extensively and will drop in often to help other build better communities!

If your community requires general support and ongoing maintenance and development services please get in touch via our contact form!
You don’t have to! Our infrastructure is just as optimised and well suited for a regular old WordPress site, like a blog or a site for your business, non-profit or personal project!

You are free to install any plugin or theme that you would like to use for your community. We have a set of curated plugins that we recommend to our customers, but in the end it’s up to you to pick the tools that you need.

That being said there are some plugins and themes that we know are causing performance or security issues. If you are using one of these plugins we’ll gladly help you replace them with better alternatives!
Just send us an email at [email protected] or we will gladly answer any questions you might have about our platform.
We absolutely do! Our customers love us not just because of our hosting technology, it’s equally because of our support team expertise in fixing broken WordPress community sites. No matter what plan you choose our experts will be there to assist when your community breaks because of a faulty plugin, theme or other site breaking issues.

On our City & Metropolis plans our team is also available via priority email support and live chat to help you with general plugin and theme support and community building advice.

All plans also give you access to Community where fellow site owners and developers help out each other on a voluntary basis. Our support team is also using our community extensively and will drop in often to help other build better communities!