Peace of Mind

Your WordPress community safe, secure & backed up at all times.

We believe in providing total peace of mind for you as a site owner, which means always being prepared for the worst. This is why daily backups, pro-active security monitoring, free SSL certificates and one-click staging environments are just some of the features included with every plan.

Keep reading to learn more about the great features the WeFoster platform offers.

Our Promise: We Keep Your Community Safe

Having your community hacked or compromised is the worst feeling in the world, especially for social networking and membership communities. The WeFoster Platform is the only hosting solution developed from the ground up for WordPress communities and this shines through in how we keep your community online and protected from hackers.

And if your community does get hacked, we fix it. For free.


We Keep Your Community Safe

Our experts manage WordPress updates and actively protect your community.

We take security seriously, actively monitoring all site on our platform to prevent unwanted visitors from taking control of your community. We automatically protect you site against Brute Force (DDOS) attacks, root/SSH attacks and much more.

Additionally, we manage important WordPress security updates for you, and notify you when compromised plugins and themes with security issues are found. Finally, we provide you with free uptime monitoring tools and free SSL certificates for your community.

Your Community, Always Backed Up

Automatic full-site backups securely stored and kept as long as you need.

We believe in providing total peace of mind for site owners, which means always being prepared for the worst. This is why we automatically create full backups of your entire community every day.

These backups are sent to encrypted off-site vaults hosted on the Amazon Secure Storage platform. We store backups of your site indefinitely so if the worst happens, we are able to restore your community to any point in time.

Grow As You Go

Hosting that fits perfectly. No limits on Page views or Visitors.
On the WeFoster Platform you never have to worry about your community outgrowing your hosting. We scale automatically, increasing available resources as needed to handle the performance needs of your social network. Simply pick the plan that fits your needs and away you go.

We don’t believe in charging more once your community becomes a success. Our platform is optimized for dealing with traffic and we only charge for server resources, not visitors. You can even switch to a lower plan if your community is going through a quiet period.

One-Click Staging Environments

Safely experiment with new features without breaking your site.

Adding new features and improving the experience for your audience is a crucial part of managing a community but things can easily go wrong. But with WeFoster you’ll never have to make changes to your live site or resort to “Cowboy Coding”. Simply use our one-click staging environment, included with every plan.

Experiment with a new design, install new plugins or work on your marketing copy in a sandbox environment. Happy with the changes? Push the changes to your live site with the click of a button!

Free Site Migrations

We’re so confident in our platform, we’ll move your community for free.

Moving your community to a new place is stressful and should be seamless. So our team is here to take care of everything for you.

If you already have an active and vibrant community don’t worry about downtime or a broken site, you can access and test your migrated community via a temporary domain on our platform, until you are 100% satisfied.

Our site migrations are safe, secure and hassle free. Sit back and let our engineers do their thing. Your community will be up and running on the WeFoster Platform without you having to lift a finger.

  • Try it yourself. It’s free and your community is launched instantly!

Free Site Migration

Moving your existing BuddyPress community to the WeFoster platform is so quick and easy that you can do it by yourself. Or ask one of our migration experts; we’re glad to help. Either way, migration is completely free!

Choose Your Plan

From small communities to the next Facebook, we have a plan for any community size.

Migrate Your Community

Quickly copy your entire community to a temporary domain on the WeFoster Platform with our easy startup wizard.

Move Your Domain

Once you are 100% happy with your new blazing fast site you can follow the guide to point your domain to your new home on WeFoster, or ask our experts do it for you!

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We live and breathe WordPress. Our team can be found talking about building online community with WordPress at WordCamp conferences across the globe. We consult small businesses & large enterprises. We develop plugins, craft themes and contribute code to WordPress & BuddyPress in our free time.

WeSupport our customers

On the WeFoster Platform you benefit from our services and experience directly. We’re here to help make your community a success. We can provide everything from technical support to a full Site Care plan on our platform developed for WordPress powered communities

WeFoster your community

Providing quality support is not just helping you with technical issues, but also helping you build a better community. We’re not like a traditional large scale host with hundreds of customer support reps. We’re a dedicated team of WordPress experts that want to get to know your community and provide you with quality support.