Extreme Performance

We make your WordPress community fly

Slow speeds kill good sites. When it comes to site speed, every millisecond matters – especially for social networks & membership sites. This is why every community on the WeFoster platform is hosted on the same lighting fast infrastructure that Google relies on.

Extreme Performance

We make your community fly

Slow speeds kill good sites. When it comes to site speed, every millisecond matters – especially for social networks. Every community on the WeFoster Platform is hosted in an isolated container on the Google Cloud Platform, the same infrastructure that Google relies on. Our partnership with CloudFlare further speeds up and protects your community through a global network powered by 79 data centers around the world.

No matter which plan you start out with, your community is hosted on a fast, secure and scalable foundation.

Free SSL Certificates with HTTP/2 Support

Secure SEO-friendly web pages served over next generation HTTP/2 protocol.

Did you know that Google gives higher search ranking to websites that are secured and encrypted with HTTPS? You will also be providing your users with an additional layer of trust and security by offering a safe browsing experience.

We enforce best security practices for all communities on our platform. SSL certificates are free and automatically configured for your domain thanks to our partnership with CloudFlare.

Best of all, your website is served to the new HTTP/2 protocol, which drastically speeds up your load times for your mobile and desktop users.

Next Generation Performance Stack

Successful WordPress communities are fast and available at all times

We’ve built our architecture to be lightning fast for WordPress &. We use state-of-the-art technology like Nginx, Redis, Memcached and PerconaDB to guarantee excellent performance for your users. This makes our platform up to 6x as fast as traditional (shared) hosts.

We are always working on ways to shave precious milliseconds off your site’s loading time to make sure your community members keep coming back and enjoy spending time on your site.

Guaranteed Performance

Dedicated resources and optimization for every community
Most WordPress hosts put your community on a server that you share with other customers. This can put too much strain on the MySQL database, leading to huge performance issues, most notably for communities with lots of logged-in members.

On the WeFoster Platform every community gets its own dedicated environment, optimized specifically for community sites and housed on the Google Cloud Platform. Not only does this maximize security but it also means your community can fully utilize the available resources and optimization to keep things running fast.

Community Accelerator

A Custom Caching Solution for Near-Instant Load Times

Are you wondering why your community is so slow, even though your current WordPress host offers caching? It’s because highly dynamic content for logged-in users is a huge technical challenge that requires additional resources and configuration that regular WordPress hosts simply don’t offer.

On the WeFoster Platform your community automatically utilises highly performant object caching which takes the strain off your database. The result? Lightning fast dynamic pages for your logged in users! We call it the Community Accelerator and it will make your site fly!

  • We have your community set up in less than 60 seconds..

We Are Certified CloudFlare Partners

A global network powered by 79 data centers around the world speed up & protect your community

We make your community twice as fast and protect it from a broad range of web threats.

Your community on the WeFoster Platform is automatically routed through the intelligent CloudFlare global network. We automatically optimize the delivery of your web pages so your visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance. We also block threats and limit abusive bots and crawlers from visiting your community. The result: A significant improvement in performance and a decrease in spam and other attacks


We automatically distribute your content (images, CSS & JS files) around the world so it’s closer to your visitors (speeding up your site).

Rocket Loader

Pages with third party widgets like Facebook buttons or YouTube videos load quickly on both mobile devices and computers thanks to asynchronous script loading.


Protect your community from online threats with our enterprise-grade Website Application Firewall. Easily set who can access your site based on a set of rules (country, IP, threat level).

DDoS Protection

Ensure your website is protected against DDoS attacks using our advanced service. Our network becomes smarter every day, blocking threats to your community.

Always Online

If your community ever suffers from an attack or goes offline, CloudFlare will serve a limited copy of your cached website to keep it online for your visitors, so your most popular pages are represented.

Auto Minify

On-the-fly removal of unnecessary characters from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Saves 20% of a file’s size and works without caching so it can support even fully dynamic pages.

Monitor Threats

Unwanted visitors don’t get picked up by popular analytics programs, so you don’t even know they’re visiting your website. With CloudFlare, you get insight into all visitors coming to your site, even the threats


Powering more than 35% of managed DNS domains, CloudFlare runs one of the largest authoritative DNS networks in the world. It is global, powerful, and always secure.

  • Try it yourself. It’s free and your community is launched instantly!

Free Site Migration

Moving your existing community to the WeFoster platform is so quick and easy that you can do it by yourself. Or ask one of our migration experts; we’re glad to help. Either way, migration is completely free!

Choose Your Plan

From small communities to the next Facebook, we have a plan for any community size.

Migrate Your Community

Quickly copy your entire community to a temporary domain on the WeFoster Platform with our easy startup wizard.

Move Your Domain

Once you are 100% happy with your new blazing fast site you can follow the guide to point your domain to your new home on WeFoster, or ask our experts do it for you!

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